Bathroom Remodel Costs Los Angeles

A bathroom renovation can be an immensely satisfying experience once it is finally complete. Seeing, and experiencing, the new sinks, fixtures, flooring, and lighting can be a revelatory experience that makes the journey to achieve them worthwhile.

However, the bathroom can be one of the trickier rooms to remodel because of the complexities involved in the plumbing, drainage, and electrical wiring. Once all that is figured out, there is still the design to think about. Keep reading to find out what else can affect the cost of a bathroom remodel in Los Angeles.

Factors that Affect Bathroom Remodel Costs in Los Angeles

As with any room remodel, there are a lot of factors to think about when renovating a bathroom. Here are some of the main considerations.

Bathroom Size

Logically, the bigger the bathroom, the more a remodel will cost. The reason is that more materials will be needed when it comes to flooring, tiles, and so on. Also, labor costs are higher since the job will take more time.

Bathroom Reconstruction

In some bathroom remodels, walls might need to be knocked down, or sinks and tubs might have to be relocated. There might also be new electronics and new plumbing to consider if new fixtures, like a bidet or additional lighting, need to be installed.

Unexpected Surprises  

You never know what you will find when you open up a wall, there might be faulty wiring or corroded plumbing that needs to be fixed. That is why a part of any bathroom remodel budget should be an emergency fund to take care of any unforeseen circumstances. That way, you will always be ready in case an extra expense crops up.

Bathroom Remodel Projects

Another factor that affects the cost of a bathroom remodel in Los Angeles is the type and number of installations the homeowner may want for their bathroom space. Here are some of the most common projects and their associated costs.

Shower Installation

This can be as much as one-third of the renovation budget and there are various elements to consider. These include: the shower liner; shower tiles; the shower door. There are also luxury trappings like a tub shower or a steam shower to think about.

  • Low End Cost: $450 – $2000
  • Mid Range Cost: $3000 – $4800
  • High End Cost: $6000 – $10,000

Bathtub Installation  

A new bathtub is also a big part of any bathroom remodel. The cost can include the plumbing expenses associated with a bathroom remodel, such as the moving of drain lines or the addition of more plumbing. The type of tub chosen, such as fiberglass, acrylic, or steel, also affects the overall cost.

  • Low End Cost: $400 – $1500
  • Mid Range Cost: $2600 – $4100
  • High End Cost: $6000 – $8000

Flooring Installation

Flooring can eat up a lot of the budget depending on the type of flooring used. Even though the bathroom has fewer flooring options than other rooms in the home—for safety and moisture resistance reasons—there are still a lot of choices available.

  • Low End Cost: $800 – $2000
  • Mid Range Cost: $2500 – $3600
  • High End Cost: $5000 – $7000

Counter Installation

A countertop is one the most important design elements in the bathroom and there are a variety of materials at various price ranges to choose from. The countertop needs to be practical as well as stylish, so its use should also be considered when remodeling the bathroom.

  • Low End Cost: $900 – $2000
  • Mid Range Cost: $2800 – $4100
  • High End Cost: $5000 – $6500

Cabinet Installation

The bathroom cabinet sets the design tone for the rest of the bathroom renovation, so settling on a design option is not an easy choice. A designer can help narrow down the options based on your lifestyle and your price range.

  • Low End Cost: $1200 – $3500
  • Mid Range Cost: $4700 – $7000
  • High End Cost: $8000 – $13000

Sink Installation

The sink is one of the most used elements of the bathroom since it is used throughout the day. As such, it is important that the sink be as practical as it is stylish. Factors that affect the cost include the sink’s size, style, and materials.

  • Low End Cost: $190 – $900
  • Mid Range Cost: $1400 – $2300
  • High End Cost: $3500 – $6500

Toilet Installation

The price of a toilet installation can be deceptive. The toilet itself is usually one of the cheapest parts of any bathroom remodel. However, if it needs to be relocated, then the costs could increase because of adjustments to the plumbing. So, keep that in mind when planning your renovation.

  • Low End Cost: $130 – $250
  • Mid Range Cost: $340 – $480
  • High End Cost: $550 – $780

Lighting Fixture Installation

Lighting fixtures are a mix of practicality and style. They need to provide good lighting for the whole bathroom space, but they can add some style to it as well. The cost of lighting fixtures come from their number, placement, and whether any extensive rewiring needs to be done.

  • Low End Cost: $120 – $900
  • Mid Range Cost: $1100 – $1700
  • High End Cost: $2500 – $4000

A Great Bathroom Does Not Have To Be an Expensive Bathroom

There is no need to break the bank when it comes to designing a bathroom, especially since it might have unforeseen costs not present in other room remodels. Keep in mind that there is no need to include all of the items listed above in your bathroom remodel.

If you are happy with certain aspects of your bathroom, then you should keep them. The only thing that matters is that you feel content and comfortable every time you step inside of it. Pacific Green Homes will help you with your bathroom remodel so that you can enjoy the destination without having to worry about the journey that it took to get there.

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