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A floor plan is one of the most important parts of designing a new home. It is a scale drawing of the interior of the home as viewed from above. It gives an overview of the interior space and where various elements like doors and windows will be located. I also helps to show how traffic will flow throughout the home. The floor plan is one of the first elements to be completed when designing a house, and it gives an idea of how the residents will move through the space.

Floor plans are a good, early way to see if the space will be suited for its intended purpose. It is also a stage where the designer and future homeowner can play around with new designs and layouts since nothing has yet been set in stone.

That means that the floor plan stage is the best time to make any new design or layout changes, since attempting to do so once construction has begun could cause delays. Those delays could take time and money to fix, throwing the project over-budget and behind schedule, two things that no one wants. At Pacific Green Homes, we prepare detailed floor plans in Los Angeles so that we can collaborate with the homeowner to make sure that everything meets their approval long before a hammer is picked up and swung in earnest.

Why a Floor Plan is Important

Traffic Flow and Circulation

A floor plan gives you an idea of how people will move throughout the home and allows the designer to make any necessary adjustments. For example, a room might have two doors that are placed inefficiently, which might cause people to bump into each other when moving from one room to the other. There might also be problems with doorways or windows in odd places, the floor plan is the best place to catch these mistakes and fix them. That way, you can ensure that traffic flows and circulates efficiently throughout the home.

It is Where you Set The Feng Shui of the Home

Feng Shui is the ancient chinese art of placement; the placement of objects in a room to create a harmonious environment. It is a mix of art and science that is associated with the concept and flow of qi, or life energy. Even if you do not believe in the more mystical/spiritual aspects of Feng Shui, the physical and practical aspect of it is very useful for designing a home that has a smooth and efficient layout. The floor plan of the home is the best place to start implementing this practice into the overall design of the house.

They Can Help With the Wiring Layout of the Home

A floor plan can help you to assess where the wiring and outlets of a room will be located. The plans can help you to determine if there are enough outlets in a room, if they are placed in a practical way, and if the wiring system is robust enough to handle the electronic devices that will be used in a room.

What To Look For In a Floor Plan

Versatility: You should check if a room can be easily converted into another type of room when necessary. For example, if you can you convert a bedroom into a home office or home gym once the kids have moved out.

  • Size: A good floor plan should give you a good idea of how big each room is and how many people can comfortably fit inside of it.
  • Layout: You can get a good idea of how the rooms are located in relation to each other. So you can make sure that the kitchen and living room are close together, and that both of them are far from the bedrooms. You can also apply any other practical considerations you may have using the floor plan.
  • Lighting: The placement of the windows should give you an idea of how much natural light is able to enter the room. Do the windows face the Sun during the brightest time of the day? Will there be a glare on the TV or computer screen? These, and other lighting problems, can be tackled via the floor plan.
  • Balance: You should be able to find a balance between safety concerns and architectural flourishes like balconies, and glass-filled design elements, especially when young children are involved. If you can balance these elements with safety, then they can be retained; if not, then safety should be the priority.

Make Sure That The Floor Plans Fit Your Lifestyle

A good floor plan will give you a clear idea of how the interior of the home will be laid out, how the rooms relate to each other, how the windows and doors will be oriented, as well as many other important details. At Pacific Green Homes, we will lay out detailed floor plans for every Los Angeles resident interested in building a new home. That way, you will be able to get a good idea of what your new home will be like even before a single brick has been laid down.

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