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Author: otmseo Published on: April 30, 2018

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Solar panels can add aesthetic beauty to your home, decrease energy costs as well as help to minimize your ecological footprint. While the benefits are well stated in countless amounts of research by independent and government agencies, you may have questions about finding the best contractors to install solar panels on your home.

How to Identify a Great Contractor for Solar Installation

  1. Experience matters: There are a number of “fly by night” companies that are vying for your patronage. When researching contractors, ensure that they have verifiable proof of solar installations that they have completed. The best proof will come in the form of pictures and/or video from recent projects.
  2. References: Though pictures and video are a great starting point, online reviews as well as verifiable references are important. After all, if a contractor does not have customers that are happy enough to give them a reference, are they a company that you will feel comfortable with?
  3. Honesty: Solar panels are incredible for most consumers,but in some rare cases, they may not be the best option. Your contractor should have the integrity to share this information with you and offer you viable alternatives.
  4. Incredible Products: A contractor cannot be better than their materials. Ask as many questions that you can regarding the type of panels, batteries, mounts and inverters that are being used on your roof. In addition, do your own follow up research on the products they use.

Why Are Customers Trust Us

Pacific Green Homes is not just another construction company. We are professional construction service providers. We are elite home improvement industry experts, collectively serving Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. It is during this time that we have established ourselves as a trusted leader in the home improvement, bringing together a vast collection of expertise and experience. We have also developed a network of trusted vendors, all of whom know our high standards and are capable to provide the quality we demand.

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