How a Room Addition Can Add to Property Value

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There are several home improvements that can add significant value to your home. A room addition in Los Angeles is one such improvement. Whether or not you’re looking to sell your Southern California home, a room addition can add to property value as well as improve your quality of life.

What Makes a Room Addition in Los Angeles Valuable?

If you want to sell your house at any point in your lifetime, you need to make it appealing to buyers. And although every buyer has a different idea of the perfect house, most buyers value one thing — space. This is especially true in areas like Los Angeles, where the median size of homes is a small 1,488 square feet.

A room addition can add to your property value by giving your home more space. Whether you add a bathroom or a bedroom, the project makes your home more attractive to buyers. As a result, your home value increases. You give buyers what they want.

Typically, room additions have a great return on investment. Bathroom additions have an average of more than an 80% return on investment. Additionally, other types of additions can have similar ROIs. Bedrooms, offices, and enclosed porches can all improve your Southern California home.

Maximizing the Value of Your Addition

There are ways in which you can make the most of your room addition. Here are a few ways you can maximize the value of your addition:

1. Consider how cost-effective your addition will be

Every room addition in Los Angeles comes with different costs. For example, a large addition might require an extended foundation and roof. You need to consider the cost of details like new siding, roofing, and other materials. Our team here at Pacific Green Homes can give you an estimate on your project. Then, you can determine whether or not it is cost-effective.

2. Think outside of the box

Sometimes, a less traditional room addition can add to property value. You can add to your home by creating an attic bedroom, building a deck, and expanding your kitchen. Although a new bedroom can be a useful addition, it’s not your only option. If you get creative, you might come up with an idea for an addition that is both affordable and valuable.

3. Appeal to buyers

You might not be building your addition for others. In many cases, people choose to build additions in Los Angeles to improve their own quality of life.

However, you should still keep buyers in mind when you plan your additions. You could plan to live in your house for ten years, but a day might come when you sell your home. To make your home more valuable, you need to make it appealing to buyers.

Avoid making an addition that will have an odd layout or only one use. Instead, consider building an addition that has multiple uses. Features like new rooms are flexible. A spare room could be used as a bedroom, playroom, or an office. When the addition isn’t too specific, it adds significant value to your home.

4. Speak to an expert

With so many home addition options, you have a lot to consider. If you want to get the most value from your room addition in Los Angeles, you should speak to a remodeling expert. Our team at Pacific Green Homes can work with you to make your dreams of a valuable addition come true.

Getting the Most for Your Effort

Here at Pacific Green Homes, we can build a Los Angeles room addition that increases your home’s value. From the design process to the construction process, our team has your best interests in mind.

Whether or not you have a detailed plan in mind, our experts can help. We’ll walk you through the process and find out what’s best for your comfort and for your property value. Contact us today for more information.

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