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A window replacement can be one of the more complex renovations in the home. The reason is that it can be either an insert replacement or a full-frame replacement. An insert replacement is the simpler of the two procedures. It involves replacing the window sash—the panel that moves up and down, or left and right—and balance system, the window frame and trim are left intact. A full frame replacement is more complicated because it removes the entire window frame.

This is necessary if the frame is rotted or out of alignment. A full frame replacement is a big job that involves removing the window trim and the window itself. An insert replacement is much easier and can be completed in as little as half an hour. No matter the type of window replacement you need, Pacific Green Homes will help you every step of the way; from assessing what kind of replacement you need, helping you choose a new window, and installing that window.

When Does Your Window Need Replacing?

Since a window replacement can be costly and complex, some homeowners procrastinate even when a replacement is needed. These are the signs which indicate that a window replacement may be necessary.

Energy Bills are Higher

If you feel a draft in some areas of the home, then the windows in those rooms are not properly sealed and should be replaced. There are any number of problems that could cause drafts to occur, such as improper installation or faulty seals. A draft is not just uncomfortable; it can cost you money as well. That is because the HVAC system has to work harder to compensate for the changing temperature caused by the draft, which results in higher energy bills.

Windows are Difficult to Open and/or Close

Difficulty opening or closing a window usually means that it was poorly installed, that it was painted shut, or that the foundation of the home has shifted. This is not only inconvenient, but it can compromise the security of your home if a window cannot be fully closed. It could also be a safety issue if you ever need to escape from the home in the case of an emergency.

There is Fogging or Condensation on the Window

If your windows are double-paned and you notice a build up of condensation, then the seal has failed. This allows moisture to seep in and build up between the panes, causing the glass to appear foggy. This can be very inconvenient since a window that does not allow you to see outside is essentially useless. A fogged window also means that the insulation has failed and the window is less energy-efficient than it was before.

You Hear Excessive Outside Noise

A well-sealed window should dampen the amount of noise that enters the home. Failing seals or improper installation are usually the culprits when it comes to excessive noise.

The Windows are Leaky

Another sign of a damaged frame is that the windows let in water when it rains. Windows are supposed to be watertight and the water from a leaking window could cause damage to the home’s interior. It could also cause further damage to the window frame.

You Need a Change

You could just be tired of your old windows and decide that you need to replace them. This is a perfectly valid reason to get a new set of windows for the home, especially since the new windows are almost certain to be superior to the old ones in every way.

What to Look for In Your Window Replacement

Once you have made the decision to replace your old windows, these are the features you should look for to ensure that the replacement is better and will cause little to no problems in the future.

Energy Efficiency

This is divided into the following four categories:

  • The Window Frame Material – Materials that are prone to temperature transfer are less energy efficient than those that are not. This means that aluminum frames are less efficient than wooden frames. However, wooden frames require more maintenance because they could rot, while aluminum requires less upkeep.
  • The Type of Glass – The most efficient window material is one that is double-paned with low-E glass, and an argon core. Low-E means that the glass has a low-emissivity coating that reflects UV and infrared radiation, which helps to reduce heat build-up. The argon core provides insulation against heat transfer; argon gas is colorless, odorless, and harmless.
  • Window Design – The most efficient window types are:
    • Double hung windows – These are traditional windows that slide open vertically from the bottom, and since they fit very tightly into the window frame, that limits air from escaping, or entering, the home.
    • Casement windows – This window type opens outward on a hinge. Their efficiency stems from the fact that they are more tightly sealed than other window types, which prevents air from passing through them. When a strong wind blows against them, they become even more tightly sealed.
    • Picture windows – These are windows that cannot be opened, as such, they have the tightest possible sealing to prevent air from escaping.

Choose Your Window Replacement Carefully

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a new window, fortunately Pacific Green Homes provides the advice and services you need when a window replacement is necessary. We will determine whether you need an insert replacement or a full frame replacement, help you choose a suitable new window, and perform the installation. Contact us when you are ready to see the world more clearly.

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