Our Process

Expert In-Home Design

To begin, we schedule an in-home consultation with one of our dedicated design specialists. Beyond being free to you, there is absolutely no obligation or hassles involved. We come out and take as much time as needed to come up with a design that is going to work for you and your home. Your project is customized to your individual needs and budget. Since there are a lot of variables involved in designing your home, we spend time going over everything in detail with you during your consultation.

It starts by going over what it is that you are looking for so we can come up with a price that works for you. We want to make sure that you know what to expect right from the beginning. Our consultant will take a look around your space, ask a few questions to determine which products to use and develop a plan aimed at meeting your unique needs.

While at your home, the design consultant will:

Spend time asking you questions to help determine what it is that you want and what type of outcome you expect to receive upon completion.
Analyze your existing space and gather measurements to complete the project.
Provide you with samples so you can see, touch and feel the quality of items offered.
Give you recommendations on what products we feel are best for your needs.
Deliver an accurate estimate based on what we feel is required to complete your project.
Even after all of this, we will still spend time going through your project in detail to make sure nothing is left to chance. These things are imperative to ensuring the success and final outcome of your project.

Timeline and Price

Because each project is so unique, we need to come out and look at the property before we are able to give you a quote. This allows us to better gauge what it is that we are working with and what it is that you are looking to have done. Looking at the space, foundation and other facets of the property, coupled with your budget, will help us come up with a better idea of what it is that we can do for you.

Once we have a design idea in place, we can determine how long it is going to take to complete the project. This way you know what to expect and can plan your remodeling project accordingly. Our goal is to complete everything on time, according to schedule and within your budget with as little disruption as possible to your current routine.

Since you will know what the final price of your project is going to be ahead of time, you won’t have to worry about being hit with a bill for a bunch of unexpected charges that you weren’t prepared for in the beginning. We outline everything in as much detail as possible right from the beginning. Not only do we want to meet your remodeling needs, but we also want to stay within your budget and give you as much information as possible before beginning the project. By knowing the timeline and price upfront, you can control the remodeling project.

We Handle Everything

When dealing with a home renovation project, many are worried about the different facets of the project. From the permits to the warranties, materials and more, the whole project can be stressful and time-consuming for someone trying to do it on their own. That’s where our team of design specialists comes into play. We handle every stage of the project from the initial design to the final completion to help alleviate the stress and hassles involved in remodeling or renovating your home. Our team offers the ultimate package when it comes to remodeling your home.

It starts by coming out to your property to develop a unique in-home design aimed to meet your individual needs. Then, we work on gathering all of the necessary materials to complete the design. We also coordinate the labor needed to complete everything on time and within your budget. If any permits are needed, we will obtain those prior to starting work on your project. Our team will also make sure you are aware of any warranties available to you, so there is no confusion later on down the line.

The main thing to remember is that you aren’t going to have to deal with a bunch of different crews throughout the duration of your project. We have one crew who is dedicated to providing you with the outcome you desire in the shortest amount of time possible. When you turn to our team, you get one crew throughout your project, so you always know who it is that you are working with and what to expect.

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