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There are a lot of ways for you to save energy at home: from installing solar panels to selecting roofs that reflect heat from the house. But did you know that the type of paint you choose can save on energy costs as well? That’s right, Tex-Cote®’s brand of paints can reflect heat, which results in cooler interiors and lower electric bills.

Tex-Cote® paints are used in a wide variety of applications aside from residential uses. It is also heavily used on commercial buildings to lower the energy costs of the company occupying that building. It’s currently used by 30 states and the Federal Highway Association on transportation related structures, like bridges and barrier walls. It is one of the most advanced paints available, and we can use our expertise in its application to give your home all the benefits Tex-Cote® offers.

What is Tex-Cote®?

Tex-Cote® is short for Textured Coatings of America and it is a brand of paint that drastically reduces energy costs wherever it is used. It does this through the use of infrared heat-reflective components. These components reflect infrared light instead of absorbing it, resulting in cooler temperatures on both the inside and outside of the structure on which it is applied. The reason is that light also causes heat, so reflecting the light also reduces the heat resulting from that light.

Tex-Cote® paints use the same technology employed by the military on their vehicles. This reduces the heat signature of those vehicles, which makes them harder to detect. The stealth effects of the paint (probably) will not work on your home, but the heat-reflective properties definitely will.

Why Should You Choose Tex-Cote® Paint?

The heat-reflective property of Tex-Cote® reduces exterior wall temperatures by up to 40°F. This, in turn, results in cooler interior temperatures. With cooler interior temperatures, there is less need to run the air conditioner higher, or as often. Reduced air conditioner usage means reduced energy costs because the HVAC system is one of the bigger energy consumers in the home.

Tex-Cote® paint was tested at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge Laboratory on a variety of different surfaces ranging from concrete to stucco to wood. In all cases, the researchers found that Tex-Cote® paint reflected more heat than regular paints. This resulted in a reduction in cooling costs of up to 21.9%. This number will vary based on the color of the paint and the climate in which the home is located, but any energy savings provided by Tex-Cote® is certain to be significant.

The heat reflective properties of Tex-Cote® paint also give them superior fade resistance. The fading of colors is called photodegradation and is caused by the absorption of ultraviolet light by chromophores—light absorbing bodies present in colored materials. The UV light breaks down the chemical bonds of chromophores, which causes a bleaching effect that results in faded colors. Reflective surfaces, like those protected by Tex-Cote® paints, are more resistant to this process because they reflect more of the light.

Is Tex-Cote® an Environmentally Friendly Product?

Tex-Cote® paints all have a low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) content. VOCs are chemicals that can cause adverse health effects like:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Eye, nose, and throat irritation
  • Kidney, liver, and central nervous system damage

The VOC content in Tex-Cote® paints matches or exceeds state and local requirements. They also use post-industrial recycled content in their products, which helps to increase sustainability. Of course, the reduction in energy usage because of the heat-reflection effect also reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Tex-Cote® paints can also contribute to LEED credits. All these factors make Tex-Cote® paints some of the most eco-friendly paints on the market.

Are There Other Benefits to Using Tex-Cote® Paints?

In addition to the cooling and fade resistance advantages, Tex-Cote® paints are also elastomeric coatings. An elastomer is an elastic, stretchable substance. In paint applications, an elastomeric coating stretches to cover up the gaps and cracks in porous surfaces like concrete and stucco.

The coating also stretches and contracts in hot and cold weather instead of cracking like ordinary paints do. What this means is that Tex-Cote® provides these surfaces with extra protection. Tex-Cote® paints are also five times thicker than ordinary paints and offer excellent mold and mildew protection.

What are the Types of Tex-Cote® Paints?

Tex-Cote® Coolwall®  

This is their patented heat-reflective paint that can provide savings on your energy bill by reducing the temperature of the exterior walls.

Tex-Cote® Reflect-Tec® Metal Coating System

If you have a metal roof on your home and want it to have the same benefits as your Tex-Cote® protected wall, then this is the solution. It has the same heat-reflective, and mold and mildew resistant properties as the Coolwall® paint. This coating combined with the Coolwall® paint on the walls provides excellent heat reduction and even bigger energy savings.

Try Tex-Cote® on Your Home

Tex-Cote® paint is a great investment for any home, it provides heat reduction, savings on cooling costs, protection to porous surfaces, fade resistance, and resistance to mold and mildew. It will also last as long as the house to which it is applied. If you are interested in any, or all, of these benefits then contact Pacific Green Homes to discuss your options.

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