Green Windows & Doors in Los Angeles

Anlin’s Del Mar and Catalina series windows and Malibu patio doors are available in two industry-leading glazing systems: QuadraTherm and Infinite Plus. Both use proprietary technology exclusive to Anlin products. Both offer the highest levels of strength, durability and energy savings available.

Performance is in the Glazing System

The materials and technology that make up a dual pane window unit are called a “glazing system.” The more advanced your window’s glazing system, the better the insulation performance, and the less energy is needed to heat and cool your home. Would you like to reduce your energy bills and help the environment at the same time? Choose windows with a better glazing system. Choose Anlin.

NFRC Energy Performance Measurements Tell the Story

The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) provides accurate information to measure and compare energy efficiency – often called “thermal performance” – of windows and doors. You should always compare NFRC thermal performance numbers before selecting replacement windows and doors for your home. Manufacturers’ claims about thermal performance can be confusing and even misleading. NFRC’s independent, standardized testing results show you exactly how products from different manufacturers truly perform. At Anlin, we proudly share our products’ NFRC thermal performance measurements on this website and in our product brochures. We don’t just say we lead the industry … we show it. Contact Pacific Green Homes for additional information.