Garage Conversion Los Angeles Permit

garage conversion los angeles permit

A garage conversion is one of the best ways to add an additional room to the home. The reason is that there is no need to add a new unit on the property or to expand an existing room, the space is already there—it just needs to be repurposed. The California government passed Senate Bill-1069, which makes it much easier for residents to perform a garage conversion or to build attached or detached ADUs on their property.

These can help to generate additional income from the homeowner if they are rented out, they also increase the value of the home since an extra room is always useful. Of all the types of ADU, the garage conversion is the most practical because it uses a space that already exists. If any homeowners are interested in taking advantage of the new state law, then the first thing they need to do is get a garage conversion Los Angeles permit; the second thing they need to do is contact Pacific Green Homes to utilize our expertise in turning old garages into new living spaces.

Why Has California Legalized Garage Conversions?

Rental prices have experienced a meteoric rise in California because of the simple concept of supply and demand; there are not enough new housing units being built, so the low supply leads to high demand, which leads to high prices. Easing the rules and regulations regarding garage conversions, and ADUs in general, is one of the ways in which the state’s government is trying to solve the rental problem.

These additions to existing homes can be used as affordable rental units, and that is how the California government hopes to that they will mostly be used. They can have other functions, of course, ADUs can be used as a guest home for friends and family, they can be used as a home gym, a home office, even as a man-cave. They can be very versatile, but renting them out to people looking for low-cost housing is a great way to help pay off the cost of the garage conversion, or the construction of the ADU. They can be expensive projects, so using them to help generate income and to provide housing for someone who needs it is the best of both worlds.

How to Get a Garage Conversion Permit in Los Angeles

The first step is to visit the local Building and Safety district office and contact the code official who works there. From that point on, the process goes as follows:

  • Speak with the code official – He or she will ask basic questions about the proposed project, provide advice about any requirements, and refer you to other departments if necessary.
  • Application submission – You will submit all the necessary information about the building project, along with any plans or sketches of it.
  • The review process – The code official reviews the plans and determines if they meet the necessary requirements; the project moves ahead if they do. If they do not, the code official will provide suggestions on how the project can meet those requirements.
  • Permit reception – Once the permit is received, construction can begin. However a fee is issued to cover the cost of the application, review, and inspection processes; the fee is based on the size of the project. Separate permits may be required for electrical, plumbing, and HVAC work.
  • Project inspection – During the construction process, the code official visits and inspects the site to make sure that the project is following all the rules and requirements. The official will inform the homeowner of how many inspections will be necessary for the project.
  • Final approval – Once the project is complete, the official presents documentation, which states that the project is in compliance with the local building codes.

Make Sure to Get a Permit for Your Garage Conversion in Los Angeles

Starting construction without a permit can be very costly; insurers will not cover work that has not received the proper documentation, the value of the home could be reduced, and if the home is sold, then the addition will have to be demolished, left unoccupied, or converted back to its original form, all at the expense of the person responsible for building the ADU.

So, make certain to contact a code official before starting your garage conversion; they will provide you with great advice about what you need to do to get the project started. Once you have been approved, contact Pacific Green Homes about the project itself, we will make sure that your garage conversion meets both the city’s standards and yours.

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