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If you are a wine lover, at some point you must have thought that having a wine cellar at home is a fabulous idea. And it is. Who would not want a room dedicated to storing your favorite wines?

When you are thinking about adding a custom wine cellar in Los Angeles, contact Pacific Green Homes. We’ll work with you every step of the way to make your vision of a custom wine cellar a reality!

What Makes A Good Custom Wine Cellar In Los Angeles?

A good wine cellar needs to achieve a balance of three major factors for long-term wine storage:

  • Constant cool temperatures
  • Steady, moderate humidity
  • Low light

So, if you want to turn a room into a good wine cellar, be prepared to constantly monitor light, temperature, and humidity to achieve your goal.


The first item to tackle is the amount of light that your designated room receives. This means that your front hall, mudroom, sunroom or any other space that is flooded with light should never be considered for this purpose. Of course, if you are dealing with new construction, building a room that gets little to no light should not be an issue. As a good rule of thumb, keep light levels just strong enough to keep you from knocking over your wine rack but low enough to avoid the problem of your priced wine bottles warming up under the stream of light.


As far as humidity, it is only important because you don’t want your corks to dry up, leaving the bottles vulnerable to excess oxygen. Some people may worry about humidity thinking it might create mold. Rest assured that it would take a great deal of humidity and neglect for this to happen. If you live in an area with average climate, humidity shouldn’t be too difficult to monitor.

Now to the tricky part: temperature fluctuations, the most serious danger for wine storage. To be sure, temperature changes impact the opening of the bottle. It would be a little like cooking the wine and evaporating away some of its most delicious volatile compounds. Basically, it changes the essential chemistry of the wine, forever altering its flavor.

Temperature Control

The ideal temperature is somewhere between 50 and 59 degrees, but the cooler the wine is kept, the more interestingly it will develop; while the warmer it is kept, the faster it will mature.

Achieving consistency in temperature means investing in a wine cooling system, accompanied by a good digital read thermometer to allow you to monitor your prized possessions. And don’t forget to make sure the door to your wine cellar should be kept as securely closed as possible.

The Right Way To Organize Your Wine

Besides the factors mentioned above, once you decide to get a custom wine cellar in Los Angeles, you should think about the number of bottles you are able or willing to store and the way they will be stored. Any good wine collection will have “everyday” wines, along with more fancy stuff reserved for special occasions. To gain access to them as you need them, think about the design of your wine space and include one area for everyday wines and another for those bottles that are your pride and joy. And don’t forget to label those areas accordingly. You definitely don’t want to mistakenly use a fancy bottle to add to a recipe. Your inventory system could be as simple as a spreadsheet, or you can use an app to keep track of things like name, vintage, place and estimated drinking window.

At Pacific Green Homes we will work with you to create the custom wine cellar you have always dreamed about and we will ensure that the journey is just as satisfying as the final destination. Whatever your needs, we will make sure your custom wine cellar in Los Angeles will stand out like no other.

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