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You may be struggling with a dark room, a space that doesn’t get too much natural light. You might have tried some simple decorating tricks, like hanging a mirror directly across the largest window in the room. You might also have tried getting rid of heavy curtains and opted for a translucent shade to allow sunshine to come through. Also, you might have trimmed any trees that might have been blocking light from coming in through your window, and you might have carefully thought about where to place lamps to provide the best illumination possible.

If after you’ve done all of that, you are still not satisfied with the amount of light that the room gets, you may have to look upward and install a skylight. Call a first-rate team of skylight installers in Los Angeles, and contact Pacific Green Homes. We’ll work with you every step of the way to bring light into your darkest room and have you enjoying every inch of your home!

What Are Skylights?

As defined, a skylight is a non-traditional window that looks up to the sky and is usually placed on the roof of a building, home or other structure. Skylights are typically fixed, so they can’t be opened or closed, although occasionally they are operable or even completely retractable. They can be an extremely effective way to promote natural light, especially in spaces that don’t let in enough natural light.

On the other hand, their location on the roof means that they’re more vulnerable to leaks and damage from sunlight and falling rubble, and it can be difficult to control the amount of sunlight and heat they let in. To avoid this issue, it’s important to locate the skylight in such a way that it’s not in the direct path of the sun.

Windows And Skylights Don’t Do The Same Job

Let’s look at some pointed differences between windows and skylights:

  • A window is placed vertically in a wall, while a skylight is mounted parallel to the roof or raised above it.
  • While windows are almost invariably fitted with glass, the majority of modern skylights are glazed with acrylic or polycarbonate plastic of varied colors.
  • With the proper external shading, a window can be placed to admit more sun on the shortest days of winter, while being completely shaded in the summer.
  • A low-pitched skylight has just the opposite effect: In winter, when the sun is low, it cuts off a great deal of sunlight, while in summer it lets in the high-angled sun, potentially overheating rooms.
  • While you want the biggest windows facing the street, you should avoid installing a skylight that is visible from the road. They don’t offer the bests look when it comes to curb appeal.
  • As its best asset, skylights produce a kind of top-lit architectural drama that windows often can’t replicate. Also, dollar-for-dollar, they’ll generally let in more light than windows.

Skylight Installers Los Angeles

Adding skylights to your roofline will brighten up dark rooms. Even a small unit will make a big difference in the way rooms look and feel. Here are some tips to consider when installing skylights:

  • Skylights come as venting units, which open, or as fixed units, which don’t. A venting unit can be inconvenient to open and close when it’s out of reach unless you buy a one with a remote control.
  • Stay away from inexpensive units with plastic glazing. Although they are cheaper, they don’t last and many of them leak.
  • The better choice is a high-quality curbed skylight with energy-efficient glazing.

At Pacific Green Homes we will work with you transform your darkest corners and we will ensure that the journey is just as satisfying as the final destination. Whatever your needs, we will create the best skylight and light solutions for your darkest room that will have you loving it as much as every other inch of your home.

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