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You want to tone up, improve your health, lose a little weight, and gain greater flexibility. How do you achieve that? A home gym is a fitness strategy with benefits that go beyond what a commercial gym can offer. It’s time for you to consider what a home gym in Los Angeles can do for you.

Here are some questions for you: When you exercise, do you prefer to wear whatever you want? Do you enjoy exercising to very loud music? Do you exercise whenever you feel like it? Do you want to take advantage of a few minutes of free time to get in a workout and not worry about spending this time in the car just trying to get there? Do you want to get on the treadmill without having to wait for other people to finish using it? If you answered yes to all the above, a home gym is the right fitness solution for you.

When you want to get all the mental and physical health benefits of exercise without leaving the house, you can count on us. If you are ready to have the best home gym in Los Angeles, contact Pacific Green Homes today. We’ll work with you every step of the way to make your vision of a custom home gym in Los Angeles a reality!

Make The Most Of Your Space

There are certain spatial requirements when designing a home spa, including the equipment and the exercise activities that will take place there. In order to accommodate the height clearances of certain pieces of equipment, the ceiling needs to have the proper height. For many of the home gym’s other spaces, special surfaces may be required, including a cushioned surface for training, and mirrored walls.


Home fitness areas are meant to be used and, to some extent, abused, and that should be considered in the design. Vibration from the use of exercise and weight equipment is a concern, and when dealing with new construction the required structures should be added. Otherwise, care should be taken to minimize the effects of the vibration on other areas of the home.

The interior durability of the space includes the finishes on the floors, walls, and other surfaces. These should all be durable and easy to maintain.


Another important element when designing a home gym, with the exception of equipment choices, is the ventilation system. Not only does it need to ensure proper air circulation and ventilation throughout the space, but ideally it should also control humidity and prevent the migration of odors to other parts of the home.


A good home gym should have the right pieces of fitness equipment for workouts. A good starting point is getting some basic pieces such as:

  • Adjustable dumbbells
  • Mini resistance bands
  • Yoga mat
  • Adjustable kettlebell
  • Soft medicine ball
  • Weighted jump rope
  • Foam roller

If budget and space permit, you should also consider adding bigger pieces such as a treadmill, stationary bicycle, elliptical machine, or rowing machine.

Your home gym provides you with everything you need to exercise regularly, wisely, and conveniently without ever leaving your home.

Putting The Spa In Your Spa

Adding a hot tub to your gym is an investment in you. Daily soaks can provide you with muscle and stress relief, more energy, and better sleep. Used regularly, a hot tub offers long-term hydrotherapy benefits that can improve physical health and emotional well-being.

When you have a home gym, any day of the year is the best day to start improving your health, your appearance, and your well-being. At Pacific Green Homes we will work with you to create the ideal home gym that will best fit your needs and we will ensure that the journey is just as satisfying as the final destination. Whatever your dream of in this space, we will make sure your home gym in Los Angeles will satisfy all your fitness goals.

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