Room Addition Ideas for Smaller Homes

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So you are interested in a room addition because you need the extra space and because it adds to the resale value of your home. However, you might be worried that your home is too small to support such an addition. There’s no need to worry, most room additions are specifically for smaller homes.

There is a room addition available whether the house itself is small, or the lot on which it is built is small, or even if both are small. There is always a way to expand the size of your home, which saves you the time and money of looking for a bigger place when you already enjoy your current location. Pacific Green Homes can perform a room addition in Los Angeles on any size home or lot; consult with us to discuss your options, and once you have made your decision, just leave the rest to us.

Room Addition Ideas

These room addition ideas are perfect for families that need just a little bit more space than what their current home will allow.

Garage Conversion

This is one of the best options for smaller homes because the room already exists, it just needs to be repurposed. There is some work to be done in terms of connecting more utilities to the converted room, like plumbing, electricity, and HVAC. However that is much less work than building a whole new room from scratch since there is no demolition work that needs to be done and no foundation that has to be laid down or reinforced.

The only problem you need to consider is where to put the car since the garage is no longer available. That is not a small problem, particularly in regions that experience extreme weather conditions; however, this type of room addition in Los Angeles is fine because of the year-round temperate weather. One possible solution to this problem is a carport in the driveway since it covers the car and does not require any additional space.

A New Bathroom

In many cases, an additional bathroom is all that is needed to make everyone in the home more comfortable. Family members can share rooms, but having to share a single bathroom can drive everyone crazy; a new bathroom can save everyone the hassle of queuing up outside of the old one every morning. A bathroom addition can be built out from the home, in which case a wall will have to be removed and a new foundation laid down to accommodate the new room; plumbing and electricity will also need to be added, of course.

It is also possible to add a new bathroom inside of the house. An empty corner of the house or an unused closet can be converted into a bathroom. If the house has an attic or basement, then a new bathroom can be added in either of those rooms.

A Porch

This is a great addition to a backyard, or to the front yard, because it does not need a lot of space and does not need excessive construction; no demolition needs to be done, no foundation needs to be laid down, and minimal utilities need to be connected, usually just electricity for outdoor lights.

A porch can be as large or as small as the yard will allow, so it is a good addition to any size home. A porch is a great place to spend valuable time with the family or to entertain friends, so it is a versatile addition that can be used in different ways and which adds to the value of the home.

A Second Story Addition

The addition of a second story is an excellent way to add room to a house that might not have enough space on the ground floor for a new addition; the reason is that a second story does not add to the square footage of the house. Furthermore, there are different options for the new second story room; it can be a bedroom, a bathroom, a guest room, and more. You should keep in mind that a second story addition can be very complex regardless of the type of room being built.

There is a good chance that the foundation beneath this new addition will need to be reinforced, also stairs will need to be installed to connect the ground floor to the new addition. However, the biggest challenge is that it is necessary to move out of the house while the second story addition is being constructed. The reason is that part of the roof will have to be removed, which leaves the interior of the home exposed to the elements. That means alternate lodging will need to be used while the second story addition is being constructed.

Don’t Let The Size Of Your Home Curb Your Ambitions

A small home is no reason to avoid getting a room addition, in fact, small homes might need one even more. Consult Pacific Green Homes and we will discuss all the options for a room addition in Los Angeles that are available to you. There are more than you think, and once you have made your choice we will build it for you because we believe that your home is your castle, no matter its size.

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