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You have decided that you want to give your home more space and add to its value. You have decided that a house addition is the best way to achieve both of those goals. So, then comes the next step, what kind of house addition do you want? There are many different types of house additions to choose from, each of which adds different levels of value to the existing home.

If you are building the room addition to fulfil a need, then the decision is easy, just choose the type of room that satisfies that need. However, if the goal is to increase the value of the home for resale, the decision gets more complicated; that is because there has to be a balance between the cost of the construction of the room and the value it adds to the home. No matter the reason for your house addition, Pacific Green Homes can help you choose the right type of addition to your house, and then build it so that it is as good as—or even better—than you imagined.

The Best Types of House Additions

California Room

A rather appropriate place to start, a California room is a combination of a porch and a normal room with the open air of a porch and the amenities of a regular room, like chairs, a TV, even a bar. It is somewhat similar to a sunroom, only it is open on one or more sides, though it does retain a roof.

It is a combination of an indoor and an outdoor space and is popular in warmer climates; that is because it gives homeowners a nice way to enjoy the temperate weather, which is also why it is sometimes called a Florida room. These are becoming increasingly popular and can add a good bit of value to the home.


Also called a solarium, this is a room with many large windows, and in some cases, a glass roof designed—as the name suggests—to let in the sun. A sunroom is meant for relaxing, hanging out, and enjoying the view, so it does not serve a practical purpose like a kitchen. It is one of the more inexpensive house additions because it is constructed of glass panes and an aluminum—sometimes wood—frame.

The main consideration of a sunroom is whether you want it to be designed to withstand the seasons, namely winter and summer. Adding heating, cooling, and insulation adds to the cost, but that is a non-issue in Los Angeles because of the mild to hot, year round Mediterranean climate.


This is actually a type of sunroom but it is larger, more well appointed, and more expensive.

Porch or Rear Deck

A porch can be added to the front of the house or to its rear; it adds to the curb appeal of the house and is a nice place to relax. A rear deck is similar, the main difference is that it is elevated and uncovered. It is a pleasant way to enjoy the outdoors and is great for entertaining.


This is usually a window that projects vertically from a pitched roof, as a type of house addition, a dormer adds more space and light to the home’s interior and adds to its curb appeal. The dormer allows a new room to be added to the home, such as a bathroom or closet, which also has the effect of increasing the overall value of the house. There are a few different types of dormers, but the style is usually dictated by the shape of roof to which it will be added.

Bump Out

This is not a full room like the other types of house additions, instead, it is an extension of an existing room. It can be used to add a walk-in closet to a bedroom or add a full bath to the bathroom, these are just two examples of the many ways it can increase the space and useability of an existing room. A bump out is less expensive and time-consuming than a full room addition and is an efficient way to add more space to the home.

Find The Right Type of Addition for Your House

These are some of the different types of house addition that you can choose from and each one adds to the value of the house in a different way. They each have varying degrees of practicality, but they all make the home more spacious and inviting while improving its curb appeal.

Once you have decided to add a room to your home, contact Pacific Green Homes for advice about the type of room addition that is the best fit for your home. Once that is done, we will provide the expertise to build it so that it is the perfect match for the rest of your house.

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