The Best Reasons to Build a Second Story Addition

Have you been considering moving to a larger home from your one-story house? Before you decide to buy a new house, consider a second story addition to your existing home — there are some great benefits to building upinstead of moving out. Pacific Green Homes is experienced with second story additions and will be happy to help create new and beautiful space in your existing home. If you love your house, property, or location, enhancing your existing home may be a better option. Take a look at this list of reasons to consider a second story addition before buying a bigger house, and contact Pacific Green Homes to discuss your addition today with a team of professional contractors in Los Angeles.

Increase Your Home Value

When you add a second story to your existing home, you are also adding to your home value. A home with an unfinished basement and single floor is essentially doubling the livable square footage by having a second floor added. This increase in value comes from more bedrooms, more space, and greater flexibility with how to utilize your living areas of your Los Angeles home.

Increase Square Footage

By adding a second story addition, you are adding significant square
without increasing your footprint. More square footage translates to more space, less clutter, and more freedom to utilize rooms the way you see fit. By building up instead of out, you are
increasing your square footage without increasing the footprint of your home, which can be very helpful if you are restricted by property boundaries.

Better Views

By building up, you are able to get a better view of your yard and your neighborhood than on the first floor. Also, your second floor may get more light than your first floor because you have more clearance above your neighbors now, which can completely change the feel of your home. Enjoy a view of your entire yard from higher up, a better look out into your neighborhood, or simply enjoy unobstructed morning light through your new bedroom window.

Same-Sized Yard

When considering an addition, a major factor is the size of your property. If you have decided that you want more interior space, you may immediately think that this requires sacrificing your outdoor space. If you decide to build up instead of out, you are able to keep the same footprint, and therefore the same outdoor space, while increasing your interior space significantly. Many people think that adding to your inside space automatically comes with sacrificing your yard, but when you build up instead of out, this won’t have to be the case.

Less Red Tape

When you decide to increase the footprint of your home, there is a lot of zoning work that needs to be done in regards to your property lines. In Greater Los Angeles, space is at a premium, and it can be very costly to find property large enough to support your dream footprint. Instead, discuss your options for building up with Pacific Green Homes so that you can get the most square footage out of your home on your existing property.

Contact Pacific Green Homes Today

If you are considering increasing the livable square footage of your home, contact us today to discuss all of your possible options. We have plenty of experience with second story additions and will be happy to bring that experience to your dream project. Additions can be complicated, but with the right team and clear expectations for what the construction phase will look like, you will be able to enjoy your existing home in a completely new way. We are looking forward to discussing the possibility of your second story addition, and look forward to creating a completely new living space in your existing Los Angeles home for you.

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